"Finals (Villederberg Remix)" - Ghambit , Sincere , & Boy

Here you go Fam, here's another dope track from Ghambit, along with Sincere & Boy to hold it down with em
Finals (Villederberg Remix) - Ghambit , Sincere , & Boy  
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"ALL C.I.T.Y." [Official Video] - C Plus

"ALL C.I.T.Y." Starring C Plus Directed/Edited By Erick Lee for Bosse Media Music Produced by Hippie Sabotage & Chase Moore Download C Plus' debut Album "ALL C.I.T.Y." here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j73lf2bd8p8l7b5/C+Plus+-+ALL+CITY+2011.zip
"STAY OFFICIAL" a C Plus Documentary Coming Soon

Glad to see the Homie that helped inspire me to do what I am doing now, doin his thing with well deserved success! Now it's ALL C.I.T.Y. get it playin loud, and show some love for C Plus

Thanks Plus!

"Clink Drinks" ft. Yae (prod by NpireDaGreat)- Blee

Clink Drinks ft. Yae (prod by N-pire Da Great)- Blee

 "Hot water Corn Bread" is Blee's official Sophomore release. The follow up to
"Full Course Meal" his first album under Planet Asia's label Gold Chainmusic.  This second release is under ESP.  Blee's is also one of two founding members of turf hop alliance.  The black and Dominican south sacMC prides himself on energetic live shows and quality compositions.  HWC's production will include an abundance of N-pire Da Great and Nicatyne based production.  At the end of the day Blee makes it no mystery that he loves the sonic diversity of artist such as J Dilla, Crooked Eye, Black Sabbath,etc.  This album will embody that being nominated a 3rd year for a Sammie(the equivalent to the Grammies for local artist) its apparent he has the city's attention.  Look out for Blee the Turf Hop General! Just one of Sacramento's many diverse artist.Hot Water Corn Bread -- Coming soon twitter.com/bleezell  or facebook.com/blee.gordon

Greg Millions Skateboarding x "Anutha Day ft. Bueno" - N-pire Da Great

Bay Area Skateboarder Greg Millions links up with Sacramento Emcee /
Producer N-pire Da Great. Millions footage covers all over California. The
song used is "Anutha Day" feat. Bueno from N-pires Newest album " Everybody Hates Nash." Look out for future collaborations
Greg Millions

N-pire Da Great