"Donald Rumsfeld" - N-Pire Da Great

This week N-Pire brings us an alliteration of ghetto living, using Mr. Fuckup himself Donald Rumsfeld as a metaphor. 
If you have never lived in the Lower class this song will paint your a very vivid image; and if you have or are living there currently, this will definitely bring back some summer time blvd dwelling memories. 
We are almost at the end of the "Road 2 LND" soon N-Pire will release the main course, "Legends Never Die." The Vietnam Era begins, Fear, Anger, Love, Hope, and Knowledge. Wake up and see the Big Picture. 

"Legends Never Die" in stores later this summer 
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"Money in the Air" [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - Peoples

After highly anticipating the official video, it is finally here. 
Download the Believing In Greatness album, hosted by DJ Skee, for free at http://www.thizzler.com/blog/2011/8/9/peoples-believing-in-greatness-hosted-b..

Download the Fashionably Late mixtape, presented by Thizzler.com & hosted by DJ Fingaz, for free at http://www.thizzler.com/fashionablylate/

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Directed by Left Lane @LeftLaneTheKid 
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"Young n Black" (ft. Street Knowledge) - NPire Da Great

"Young n Black" brings the listener a cloudy & classy instrumental with a big FUCK the "norm" lyrically. We are almost at the end of the Road 2 LND.  NPire continues this week down the "Road 2 LND" accompanied by New Artist Record MC, Street Knowledge.
What follows is Main Event "Legends Never Die"; the gate to what NPire is calling the Vietnam era of Music. = Passion, Pain, Hope, Rebellious, Education, "A time to kill, and a time to love" 

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"Grown Up" (Scion AV - Official Video) - Danny Brown

Sure, being a young punk is fun, but what happens when the training wheels come off? 
Detroit Hip-Hop spitfire Danny Brown reveals the truth about what happened to His teeth in this childhood-revisited clip. 

Director: Greg Brunkalla 
Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer Production 
Company: Walter Pictures
Download the track for free at http://www.ScionAV.com/DannyBrown

Nima Fadavi TV: In the Studio with Rey Resurreccion (March 2012)

Nima Fadavi TV: In the Studio with Rey Resurreccion (March 2012).
Rey Resurreccion going through beats in the studio with producer Nima Fadavi. 
Filmed and edited by Kolepa Phy  (‪http://www.kolepaphy.com‬)
Nima Fadavi TV intro by Northbound Films
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Rey Resurreccion "To the Top" EP (produced by Nima Fadavi) coming soon! 
Nima Fadavi x So Fresh EP available for free download here: ‪