"Anxiety" [ft FRND] - Blackbear (Music Video)

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Music video by blackbear performing anxiety.
(C) 2017 Beartrap, LLC
under exclusive license to Interscope Records

"Over Again" (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda

Over Again (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda

Post Traumatic EP: http://mshnd.co/PT

"Mike Shinoda, aka Fort Minor, or most popularly known as, the second half of Linkin Park. Mike Shinoda talks about the struggle of losing his best friend, Chester. Chester was family, a brother to Mike, most would say. In 2017 Chester was released from life in the battle with his own demons. Now Mike shares with us the battles he faces, as the days and shows become more of a struggle as he continues to feel alone without his partner in crime, & brother in music. The infamous Chester Bennington." - BigLarge

Over Again | Lyrics

Sometimes / sometimes you don’t say goodbye once
You say goodbye over and over and over again
Over and over and over again
Sometimes / sometimes you don’t say goodbye once
You say goodbye over and over and over again
Over and over and over again

It was a month since he passed / maybe less
And no one knew what to do / we were such a mess
We were texting / we were calling / we were checking in
We said we ought to play a show in honor of our friend
Well now that show’s finally here / it’s tonight
Supposed to go / to the bowl / get on stage / dim the lights
With our friends / and our family / in his name / celebrate
There’s no way that I’ll be ready to get back up on that stage
Can't remember if I’ve cancelled any show
But I think about what I’m supposed to do and I don’t know
Cause I think about not doing it the same way as before
And it makes me wanna puke my fucking guts out on the floor
We rehearsed it for a month / I’m not worried about the set
I get tackled by the grief at times that I would least expect
I know what I should be doing when I’m singing but instead
We’ll be playing through a song and I’d remember in my head

Sometimes / sometimes you don’t say goodbye once
You say goodbye over and over and over again
Over and over and over again
Sometimes / sometimes you don’t say goodbye once
You say goodbye over and over and over again
Over and over and over again

What (are) they saying, I’m not raw?
What the fuck you take me for?
All the sudden you hear what I’ve said a hundred ways before?
I been pushed, I been trapped
Drug myself through hell and back and
Fallen flat and had the balls to start it all again from scratch
How do you feel / how you doing / how’d the show go?
Am I insane to say the truth is that I don’t know
My body aches / head's spinning this is all wrong
I almost lost it in middle of a couple songs
And everybody that I talk to is like, “wow
Must be really hard to figure what to do now”
Well thank you genius / you think it’ll be a challenge
Only my life’s work hanging in the fucking balance
And all I wanted was to get a little bit of closure
And every step I took I looked and wasn’t any closer
Cause sometimes when you say goodbye yeah you say it
Over and over and over and over

''Wanna'' #NotARemix - Merkules

Produced by C Lance and Aaron Hiltz

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"Tight Rope" ft. Slug (Music Video) - Musab & Ink

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Now: https://rse.lnk.to/IntellectualProperty

Original Rhymesayer, Musab and producer Ink Well came together to create MInk and released Intellectual Property back in August 2017. While on Atmosphere's Welcome to Colorado Tour this past December Musab, Ink Well and Slug used a day off between shows to shoot "Tight Rope".

"Right when we began writing for Tight Rope we knew this was the song we were gonna have Slug be apart of. It all came together organically, including the video. Shooting while we were on Atmosphere's "Welcome to Colorado Tour" made it easy to capture the vibe we needed and then transfer it to a visual piece of art. Thanks to Colin Floom who directed and edited, and everyone else who was involved. Everyone was excellent." - Musab Director/Editor: Colin Floom420

"Tear The Roof Off" (feat. Watsky) · Bliss n Eso

Tear The Roof Off (feat. Watsky) · Bliss n Eso
Bliss n Eso are an Australian hip hop trio based in Sydney, and were originally known as Bliss n' Esoterikizm for their debut EP The Arrival.

Off The Grid ℗ 2017 Illusive
Mixer: Phillip Threlfall
Producer: Cameron Ludik
Composer: Cameron Ludik
Composer: George Watsky
Composer: Jonathan Notley
Composer: Max Mackinnon
Music Publisher: Mushroom Music Publishing

"Back at Em" - Grieves

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"In the spirit of traveling across the pond for the European leg of the #RunningWildTour, I present to you a fun and carefree slapper, “Back At Em." Now picture yourself in the driver's seat of a 1985 IROC-Z Camaro. The T-Top is popped, your perm is blowing in the wind like a dandelion puff and your pants are getting tighter around the crotch as you accelerate past 100 MPH. This song is just like that, but on some rap shit." - Grieves

"Good Vibes" (ft. Cosmos & Creature) - PLS&TY

Music video by PLS&TY performing Good Vibes. (C) 2017 PRMD LLC, under exclusive license to Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH

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''This Again'' (Official Video) - Merkules

Merkules drops the first single off his upcoming
album (yet to be announced) titled ''This Again''.

Written by Merkules
Produced by Mason Rex
Directed By Stuey Kubrick
Mixed and Mastered by Nato Down & Terry Tran

ON SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/2kXGtXIYqPsu0MTtVwZfn5

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Merkules Music Inc.

"Lie to Me" (Official Video) - Mikolas Josef

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Written By: Mikolas Josef
Produced By: Mikolas Josef
Mixed By: Nikodem Milewski
Mastered By: Nikodem Milewski

Additional Programming: Nikodem Milewski
and Felix Wolfersberger

Recorded At: Home studio of Mikolas Josef,
Soundevice Studio Prague, Sunshine Mastering studios Vienna Trombone
Production: John Winkler
Bass By: Jakub Antl
Trumpet By: Jaroslav Kohoutek
Video Directed by: Mikolas Josef + Petr Havránek/Raven Production

Production and set design by: Mikolas Josef, Carl Carlo + Petr Havránek

Dancers: Leová Thuy Ly Lucy Scholle Tony Vu Sára Pourová Sarah Červená Isabel Magdič Eliška Kolářová Dominika Pálová Veronika Macková Special thanks: Martina Carlo, Jiney Level, Roman Čapoun, Jindřich Pokorný, Valerie Volčíková, Hana Holubová, Anna Šmejkalová, Ondra Jakub