"Keep The Change" [Trailer] - Santino Corleon

> Here is the press release for Santino's mixtape trailer video. 

"Corleon has already become a "name to watch" around the region". - City Beat 

"His stage presence can't be matched, he can turn a nursing home bingo game into some kind of a party". - Fuze It Worldwide

This video is a trailer for Santino Corleon's upcoming project "Keep The Change" 
directed by Dan Gotti.

The background music in the trailer is: Santino Corleon - SDRR
which was produced by Sparkz Tha Trakman

Be on the lookout for future posts including release date, music, videos, and album artwork.  

*Santino Corleon Links:* 
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> http://twitter.com/SantinoCorleon
> http://facebook.com/SantinoCorleon
> Instagram: SantinoCorleon 
> Booking@SantinoCorleon.com

"Root Of All Evil" (Official Video) - The Storyteller

"▲ A Film by The Robot Panda "Root of All Evil" is The Storyteller's first music video! We filmed the video at our studio on the South-side of Chicago. Stay tuned for his mix-tape, set to be dropping January 2013! Root of All Evil, the official video - is brought to you in part by The Storyteller, Music Overdose and Panda of The Robot Panda. 

▲ Behind The Scenes Photos http://therobotpanda.com/2012/11/music-overdose/ http://therobotpanda.com/2012/11/root-of-all-evil-preview/ 

▲ The Storyteller Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Music-Over-Dose/262493953792055 
Twitter : http://twitter.com/logicakalife 

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