"Free" (Official Music Video) - Mikolas Josef

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I got lost, can’t carry on
and all your words they feel so wrong 
so deep in fear
Things that I see seem to be so distant from me
Can’t reach but its here
 I’ve seen
People hooked on their TV screens
Who perceive the world by the means of a click
Caught in the lies of the media
With mind on material we yield to hysteria
So judgments are made Lack of understanding is the true cause of hate
Proclaimed as a threat to the state
Feel my heart race when you say it’s too late
Way of the lord the thing you cant change?
Little ones die not knowing their name
Trained to die in the name of faith?
Don’t hide behind god with the words of war
I’m a believer
But god is love

Keep on love healing me
Won’t be easy saving me
Won’t be easy to release me
Maybe I’m leaving as I start to feel it
We’ll be free

My last thought was you my dear
Now I wonder lost in the dream that I dream and I see
People here they don’t pay to believe
Up to the stars you need no key
I see the KKK; they shake hands with the Afro-Americans, tolerance
Chinese meditate with the Buddhists
Mayweather says Paquiao is the coolest
Putin waves the flag of the gay
Parade called his name
With a tearstained face the hate fades away
I see remaining tribes free on their grounds
Without being politicized, victimized
For the benefit of others
For we come from the same world my blood brother
And love, don’t fear for my way
I wait for you in the world of the great

Keep on love healing me
Wont be easy saving me
Won’t be easy to release me
Maybe I’m leaving as I start to feel it
We’ll be free

Mikolas Josef - Free (c)
Mikolas Josef (P)
Mikolas Josef 2016

"Never The Same" - Ronnie Radke

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"Lights Come On" (Lyric Video) - Jason Aldean

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"I Know What You Did Last Summer" (Cover) - Sapphire & Boycode (Music Video)

I Know What You Did Last Summer - Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello cover by Sapphire and Boycode !

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