"Donald Rumsfeld" - N-Pire Da Great

This week N-Pire brings us an alliteration of ghetto living, using Mr. Fuckup himself Donald Rumsfeld as a metaphor. 
If you have never lived in the Lower class this song will paint your a very vivid image; and if you have or are living there currently, this will definitely bring back some summer time blvd dwelling memories. 
We are almost at the end of the "Road 2 LND" soon N-Pire will release the main course, "Legends Never Die." The Vietnam Era begins, Fear, Anger, Love, Hope, and Knowledge. Wake up and see the Big Picture. 

"Legends Never Die" in stores later this summer 
Hulkshare: http://www.hulkshare.com/bxbwkjec8gw7 
Bandcamp: http://npiredagreat.bandcamp.com/track/donald-rumsfeld 
Website: http://endanjered.com/ 
Booking: contactnpire@gmail.com

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