"Everybody Hates Nash" - NPire Da Great

"Everybody Hates Nash" - NPire Da Great

N-Pire Da Great Emcee/Producer from South Sacramento. N-Pire was influenced
by a plethora of emcees from Nas to RBL Posse. His influence to produce came
from people like   J Dilla, and Diamond D. He has produced for such artists
as Kurupt, Willie the Kid, Freeway, Roach Gigz, The Jacka, and Brotha Lynch.

"Everybody Hates Nash" will be N-Pire's first solo album ever, and this is
the first leak off the album. EHN is set to Release on July 26th 2011, on
our Record lable E.S.P (Endanjerd Species Project).  we will have 4 more
videos from this album releasing this summer. thank you for your time

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  1. shit knocks, dude fucks wit the jacka must be a blowin up