"Over" Ft. Snowy LX (Official Video) - TJae Ty

Copyright 2014 - 3nvy ENT Follow them on: twitter - @tjaety @snowylx instagram- @tjaety @snowylx Directed by: Top Flight Empire, Hypnautic303

About Snowy LX:
Snowy LX is a Colorado native rapper and songwriter best known for his smooth flow combined with melodic pop hooks.Born and raised in Colorado, Snowy LX has been passionate about making music from a young age. In 2007, at only the age of fifteen he set up his own studio. He recorded, mixed, mastered, produced and promoted his music while being responsible for his own booking and management. He then began leveraging the power of social media platforms and was very successful at utilizing social media to share his music across the country. In 2008, at age sixteen, this success was acknowledged when VIBE magazine interviewed him alongside other well known artists such as Tyga, Wale, and Zed Zilla.

In 2009, Snowy LX founded 3envy Entertainment. He later met fellow Colorado native TJae Ty and in 2012 they became business partners in the venture. Currently, Snowy LX is co-producing a mixtape by TJae Ty. Snowy LX is also working on his second release and scheduling music video releases for his current projects.

In the future, Snowy LX plans to independently promote his music and merchandise on a global scale. He says, “Until my body can’t make music, I’m not stopping. We aren’t stopping.”

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