"Hello" (Official Video) - Yonas feat. Living in Fiction

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Written by: YONAS 
Produced by: Living In Fiction 
Mixed by: Tree Sound Studios 


I call but you don't answer so I write this open letter. 
when I left the world broken I just hope it's gotten better.  
y'all argue who's the greatest I left quotes for y'all to measure.
y'all were focused on who's clever I was focused on forever.
back when I would rock the hand me
downs with holes inside my sweater.
thrift store shoppin like I dove inside some treasure.
way before the Ben haggertys on these magazines.
I was an average teen not thinking bout this thing called rap.
cause there's this thing called white.
and there's this thing called black. 
and there's this thing called life.
and I think we're all attached.  
it's funny how my train of thought runs on a things called tracks. 
Marty McFly I'm in the future tryna bring y'all back.
Pick it up and slam it down that's how the game goes. 
Telephone, Telephone, I just hear same tones. 
where I’m from it’s not too often we see then rainbows.
so we let the rain flow then we change clothes. 

Hello from the other side.
I must've called a thousand times. 
To tell you I'm sorry.
For everything that I've done.
But when I call you never, seem to be home.

Aw man, how could this just be a hobby.
5 whole hours they been waiting in the lobby. 
they’re calling me a hero and I’m thinking how could I be. 
all I wanted was a million and a fuckin Maserati.
but somewhere in my stride we just started changing lives.
You think I’m changing yours but you really changin mine. 
from here to over seas they put belief in my designs.
its getting deep, I feel the world is tryna sneak inside my mind.
its harder to define than artistry rhyme. 
it seems like our journey is partially divine.
I still have days where it isn’t all sublime.
even though I’m on the grind I gotta slow up for the signs.
and recently I’m seein that it’s more than just mc'in
when my homie has a son but needs court orders just to see’im.
a generation troubled and I just wanna free ‘em. 
before machines are looking at human beings inside a museum.

Hello from the other side. 
I must've called a thousand times.
To tell you I'm sorry.
For everything that I've done. 
But when I call you never, seem to be home.

Produced by: YONAS, LLC 
Directed by: Mike Squires @SquiresEnt 
Featuring: Living In Fiction 
Plain Truth Ent Recording Studio NYC www.themixking.com 

This video is for promotional use only and the commercial redistribution for any purpose at all is prohibited by YONAS, LLC

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