"Porches" ft Grieves - Mouse Powell (Official Music Video)

Porches featuring Grieves from the album 'FIRST LOVE'
Buy 'FIRST LOVE' here: http://hyperurl.co/mpfirstlove

Directed by Bryan Heiden & Mouse Powell

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MightyMousePowell/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@mousepowell
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mousepowell

Twitter: http://twitter.com/grievesmusic 
Facebook: http://facebook.com/grievesmusic
Instagram: http://instagram.com/grieves 

"So I had the honor to catch Mouse Powell and Grieves on Tour when they stopped in Aspen, Colorado. I will have to honestly say that show tied for the best show I have yet to ever experience. From the love and support showered from the fans, the amazing visuals and the heart these Artists put into not only making the music, but as well as projecting high levels of energy to the crowd. Mr. Mouse Powell is quite the genuine individual. The way his lyrics reflect his personality really liven up his presence on stage and the way he interacts with the crowd is something I wish more artists did. Now for Mr. Grieves, his presence is something You can't miss. Plus the merch he has is top notch. Grieves can be quite the comedian as well as one hell of a character to say the least and is way more humble than anyone would probably expect. The upstanding gentleman even purchased me a couple drinks as I got to experience what a Monday night was like in the life of Grieves and Mouse Powell while touring. Thank You to both of you and the crew"

-Big (Chris Largent)

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