"We Were Only Kids Then" (Official Music Video) - Dylan Owen

Dylan Owen's new single "We Were Only Kids Then" is out now.

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"as we grow up, we become a different version of ourselves that we may or may not identify with. I wrote this song after seeing old friends of mine and feeling like we couldn't pick up where we left off...there was too much uncomfortable ground we hadn't covered. too much that happened that we didn't want to retread. the masks represent how our identities change through the process of growing. at the same time they remind me of halloween in the small town I grew up in, where we spent many nights of rebellion looking for our true selves as if they were hiding. I had a sense of lost youth even when I was a kid, and I don't think that feeling has gone anywhere today. even if this is growing up."
- Dylan Owen

Directed by Three Strikes (https://threestrikes.co/reel
Filmed and edited by Colton Williams 
Second camera by Seth Halter 
Text animations by Justin Donaldson 

Handwritten lyrics by Dylan 

Special thanks to Regina Zaremba, Emily Williams &
the legendary folks at Patent Pending, Halloween Adventure for 
the masks, and Zach Cooper 

Written and performed by Dylan Owen 
Produced by Skinny Atlas Mellotron 
Keys, and bass played by Gabe Valle 
Recorded by Tommy McCormick 
Vocals recorded by Urosh Jovanovich 
Mixed by Jason Moss 
Mastered by Joe Lambert at Sterling Sound 
Cover artwork by Tom Flynn 

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